Q: Can I place an order using my own personal credit card and have the company reimburse me for the cost?

A: The online system will allow all credit card orders to be processed; however, you should obtain approval from your division administrator or supervisor for any reimbursement of costs incurred by an SAIC employee.


Q: Previously, I was able to place an order using an SAIC charge number; now only orders can be placed by a P-Card, why is this?

A: By allowing only P-Card transactions as the sole purchase method, SAIC is able to reduce resources within the Corporate Accounts Payable department (elimination of invoice processing, trouble shooting incorrect/closed charge numbers), and reduction in IT resources attributed to creating/supporting any Electronic Data Transmittal (EDI) system. Based on the internal reduction in resources, the decision was made to only allow transactions via a P-Card.


Q: I do not see a specific product displayed that I would like to order. How do I go about obtaining this product?

A: All of the products listed are deemed to be the SAIC standard offerings for business use, however, if you have a requirement that is not identified, please contact the SAIC POC listed on the site to inquire about the feasibility to produce your request. If approval is given the POC will contact the requestor to assist in processing the order off-line. If the request is denied, you will be notified by the SAIC POC as to the reason of this decision.

Patricia A. Jones


Q: What is the turn-around time once I place my order?

A: Most items will be produced and shipped within 48 hours.